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a note on methodology_ground truthing
Manuals & Guidelines
June 2016

This guide aims to help community organisers and paralegals to use the method of “ground-truthing” to collect information about operations that might be illegal, prohibited or causing harm. It is a useful tool to monitor the impacts of investments and the proper implementation of agreements and contracts.

Reports & Research
May 2016
Western Africa

The recent wave of land deals for agribusiness investments has highlighted the widespread demand for greater accountability in the governance of land and investment. Legal frameworks influence opportunities for accountability, and recourse to law has featured prominently in grassroots responses to the land deals. 

Journal Articles & Books
May 2016
Papua New Guinea

Responding to the academic void on the impact of socio-ecological conflicts on peacebuilding and conflict transformation, I turn to resistance against large-scale land acquisitions in post-war contexts. Promising in terms of reconstruction and economic prosperity, the recent rush on land may, however, entail risks for reconciliation processes and long-term peace prospects.

Reports & Research
March 2016

This report is in pursuance of the communication of the NITI Aayog, Govt. of India, vide order No. Q11022/12/2015-Agri dated September 07, 2015 to constitute an Expert Committee, for preparing a Model Agricultural Land Leasing Act, based on critical review of the existing agricultural tenancy laws of States and keeping in view the need to legalize land leasing. 

Reports & Research
December 2015

Comments on the IDRC workshop on LSLAs and accountability in Africa, Dakar, 24-25 November 2015. The current IDRC programme supports 5 action research projects across 10 countries in West, East and Southern Africa. They investigate how to build accountability over land governance. This requires a multi-level strategy at both policy and community level.

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