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Memoria: arma de lucha por la tierra Asentamiento Comunidad Campesina Arsenio Báez

Reports & Research
January, 2015

El asentamiento Arsenio Báez es fruto de una de las largas y penosas luchas por la tierra que se dio en Paraguay, desde la caída de la dictadura en 1989. Cuenta con 346 hectáreas, en promedio las familias tienen entre 3 y 5. Luego de años de lucha, el Estado paraguayo procedió a expropiar la tierra a favor de los ocupantes.

Access to Affordable and Low-Income Housing in East Asia and the Pacific

January, 2015

Across the world, the housing sector
plays a key role in local and national economies, and
expanding access to housing can encourage more equitably
shared economic growth. This report surveys current policy
interventions designed to encourage affordable housing in
East Asia and the Pacific (EAP). The purpose of this report
is to provide a general overview of the recent trends in
urbanization and development in EAP and to consider

Conceptualising Informal Livelihood Activities: Regulatory Approaches as In-Space and In-Time arrangements

Journal Articles & Books
December, 2014

This paper examines regulatory approaches for informal livelihood activities within cities. Informality is generally conceptualised in terms of activities, workers and governance. Scholars have concentrated much advocating development of micro enterprise and improvement of capital goods. Little focus has been put on the conceptualisation of regulatory approaches for informal livelihood activities spatially, which sought to be the aim of this paper.

Peri-urbanization and New Built-up Property Formation Process in the Peri-urban Areas of Ethiopia

Journal Articles & Books
December, 2014

 Peri-urban areas in Ethiopia like that of other African countries are places where much of urban growth is taking place and as a result the competition for land between agriculture and nonagriculture (urban built-up property) is intense. It is there that new properties and property rights emerge and at the same time the existing traditional or customary rights may also disappear or dissolve. This study has attempted to assess and demonstrate the process of built-up property formation process in the transitional peri-urban areas of Ethiopia.

Land Tenure Management Systems in Informal Settlements

Reports & Research
December, 2014

Formal land administration systems in developing countries have failed to cope with the wide range of land rights that have evolved under non-formal land tenure arrangements. Urban informal settlements in particular pose a challenge to existing land administration infrastructure in these countries. The tenure types, land rights and spatial units found in such settlements are inconsistent with the provisions of existing land law. Conventional land administration approaches can not work in these settlements.

Handbook for Improving the Living Conditions of Roma

December, 2014

A disproportionately large number of
Roma in Europe today face deep poverty, social exclusion,
and poor living conditions. Improving these is critical to
achieving the targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy, the
European Union s 10-year growth strategy, which aims to
reduce poverty, social exclusion, early school leaving, and
increase school attainment and employment by 2020. The EU
Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies (NRIS) up

Assentamento Canaã: os palestinos da Amazônia

Reports & Research
December, 2014

A luta dos camponeses do Assentamento Canaã é um exemplo claro da luta de posseiros legítimos pela terra. Eles ocuparam uma terra que estava abandonada há mais de 20 anos pelo latifúndio, cujos documentos de legalidade não são considerados fiáveis e dedicaram treze anos de trabalho duro ao local, transformando-o hoje numa das a reas mais produtivas do estado de Rondônia (Brasil).

Housing Consumption and Urbanization

December, 2014

Rapid urbanization in Sub-Saharan Africa
places immense pressure on urban services to meet the needs
of the burgeoning urban population. Although several
country- or city-level reports offer insight into the
housing challenges of specific places, little is known about
regional patterns affecting housing markets. This lack of
clear knowledge on the relative importance of the factors
influencing households' housing demand in countries in

Papua New Guinea : Sanitation, Water Supply and Hygiene in Urban Informal Settlements

October, 2014

In 2012 Papua New Guinea undertook a
national Service Delivery Assessment of rural water, rural
sanitation, urban water and urban sanitation services to
identify coverage and targets, how well services are being
delivered and the financing shortfalls in these subsectors.
Immediately following this assessment, stakeholders, through
a national policy task force, have developed a draft of the
country s first National Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Land Market Values, Urban Land Policies, and their Impacts in Urban Centers of Rwanda

Reports & Research
August, 2014

Research sought to evaluate the determinants of urban land markets, to analyse trends in urban land markets and values, and to assess impacts of urban land prices and policies. Concludes that if current land policies are not reformed there is a risk of increased negative impacts on the poor and more low-income people will be exposed to displacement to areas away from the urban centres which could cause social instability and an increase of informal settlements in suburbs.