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Central Asia

This Law regulates the functioning of local government related to urban and rural administration, defining plenary powers thereof and its relations with other state bodies. Local government shall be guided in its activity by jurisdictional competence, legality, collegiality and transparency. Information related to decisions taken by local government shall be made generally available.

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The dispersion has given rise to a different mode of city production. Throughout history, urban planning has sought to act on several occasions about the growth of the city and the preservation of green space. In the present work aims to identify the tools that provide the Greater London Plan and the Holland Notes to finish the city while preserving the rural space.

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Two images have dominated the northern media in recent months.The first is of desolation in remote, rural areas in Africa affected by drought, conflict or famine, such as in Somalia, northern Kenya or Darfur, Sudan. The second is a different kind of desolation - that of urban squalor as portrayed in the film «The Constant Gardener».

National Policies
Eastern Africa

This National Agriculture Policy (NAP) states as its general objective to develop an efficient, competitive and profitable agricultural industry that contributes to the improvement of the livelihoods of Tanzanians and attainment of broad based economic growth and poverty alleviation.

Reports & Research

El trabajo pretende desde una perspectiva académica contribuir a la discusión sobre la búsqueda de soluciones eficientes e implementables para los problemas de contaminación ambiental en Colombia y se centra en el análisis particular del problema de contaminación del Río Bogotá.


This project paper concern to introduces the following changes in the Ukraine, Rural Land Titling and Cadastre System Development Project, which into account difficulties experienced with completing the legal framework for parts of the project due to institutional rivalries that have not been resolved.

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