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A contract granting use or occupation of property during a specified period in exchange for a specified rent.

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May 2017

This Act amends several provisions established for managing Crown land within the territory of New South Wales. Amendments consists in repealing Schedule 1; amending Schedule 2 on legislation referring to reserve trusts (such as: Betting and Racing Act 1998 (No. 114) and Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013 (No.

May 2017

This Regulation prescribes the necessary procedure aimed for the Agency for agricultural land and for local Self-Government units as regards the application of provision brought by the article 51 (paragraph 3) of the Law on agricultural land (published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia 39/2013 and 48/2015).The above mentioned provisions are related to the land use and land leas

May 2017

This Act amends the Shooting and Fishing Leases Act by replacing section 18. That section grants power to the Minister to make regulations for the purposes of this Act, and, in particular, but without prejudice to the generality of that power, may make regulations – (a) for the levying of charges and the taking of fees; (b) amending the Schedule.

Journal Articles & Books
May 2017

El objetivo del artículo es analizar los motivos del alto monto del arrendamiento de la tierra en La Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina), en relación con otras regiones hortícolas, a la vez de identificar las variables que hacen que dicho arrendamiento muestre importantes variaciones incluso en el interior de la capital bonaerense.

March 2017

Secure tenure and registered land rights are widely believed to be necessary for access to credit, well functioning land markets and economic development. As a result Namibia introduced long term leasehold rights over communal and commercial land for resettlement purposes in order to address preindependence imbalances in land holdings.

Tenure and Investment in Africa cover image
Reports & Research
February 2017
Burkina Faso

This synthesis of our findings from an investigation of tenure risk in East, West, and Southern Africa, shows that a majority of tenure disputes are caused by the displacement of local peoples, indicating that companies and investors are not doing enough to understand competing claims to the land they acquire or lease.

January 2017

This Act amends the Village Fono Act by inserting a new section 2A stating the objects of the Act and by inserting provisions and amending other provisions on the registration and administration of villages and the limitation of jurisdiction of Village Fono (in particular in respect of Government, freehold or leasehold land located within village land).

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