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non-indigenous peoples

Non-indigenous refers to an entity or concept that originally comes from outside the area specified.

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Reports & Research
August 2021

Cette étude examine l’état de la reconnaissance juridique des droits des peuples autochtones, des communautés locales et des peuples afro-descendants sur le carbone présent sur leurs terres et territoires dans 31 pays d’Afrique, d’Asie et d’Amérique latine.

Reports & Research
December 2020
South America



Este documento propone que la gobernanza colectiva de la tierra, otorga derechos y contribuye a reducir las desigualdades al interior de las comunidades y de estas con la población e institucionalidad de su entorno.

Manuals & Guidelines
November 2015

This Guide provides advice for agribusiness companies on how to responsibly implement the FPIC principles in their operations. It is based on the revised RSPO standard (the Principles, Criteria and Indicators) pertinent to FPIC. The guide

• sets out the requirements of the RSPO Principles, Criteria and Indicators relevant to FPIC, and

Reports & Research
March 1993

An overview of the types of land disputes and the dispute settlement fora.

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