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Peer-reviewed publication
December 2019

If distinguishing between spatial planning systems and practices, the latter reflect on the continuity and perspective of planning cultures and are concerned with the values, attitudes, mindsets and routines shared by those taking part in concrete planning processes. Some recent studies demonstrated comparative assessment of European spatial planning.

Peer-reviewed publication
October 2019

Accurate estimations of the extent of agricultural land abandonment (ALA) are critical to the sustainable management of agricultural resources and forestry, the understanding of ALA determinants, and the development of future agricultural policies.

Journal Articles & Books
June 2019
Sierra Leone

Date: 13 mai 2019

Source: Foncier & Développement

Par: Gérard Chouquer

Gérard Chouquer publie un nouvel ouvrage aux Presses des Mines : « Le foncier, entre propriété et expertise »

Peer-reviewed publication
May 2019

Food sovereignty (FS) aims to obtain value-added products in proximity agriculture (PA) in order to achieve food security in a country. Social farming (SF) can help to develop this PA as well as favoring integration of people at risk of social exclusion (RSE). The methodology includes a review of the literature, a survey of 161 SF projects in Catalonia, and ten selected in-depth interviews.

Peer-reviewed publication
May 2019

The existence of a “young farmer problem” in Europe has been recognized by scientists and policy-makers and is based on the widespread acknowledgement of the poor generational renewal rates in the farming sector and in particular in farmland management across the European Union.

DFI report 2019 - exec summary cover
Reports & Research
March 2019
United States of America

Bilateral development finance institutions (DFIs) play an increasingly prominent role in the international aid architecture. Because of their position between development and commercial worlds, DFIs can be a key player in efforts to align private sector conduct with international norms and standards. 

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