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May 2013
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Creation of the Land Information System integrated in the Geographical Information System (GIS) is the main objective of this article in assisting local Government for the sustainable management of land resources. Through this study it was made possible to provide a spatial database at communal level, was also carried out the study of soil and land suitability, data on land use, analysis on land use changes and agricultural land urbanization. The geographical space, in which LIS is set, which is also the objective of this study is Shales commune, Elbasani district. To provide data on agricultural land and elaboration of this database the most important qualities and characteristic of the soil are taken into account, as well as it has been made the classification of land suitability into four suitability classes (S1-S4) and an unsuitable (N). About 60% of the land surface in Shales commune is classified as unsuitable and the rest is classified in S1, S2, S3 and S4, respectively, 2%, 19%, 16%, and 3% of the surface. Based in the land use information before and post 1998 it is analyzed the change of land use in communal level. The main changes have been occurred on the agricultural land fund. In this class the diversion of agricultural land use by arable crops in vineyards, olive groves, orchards were found, as well as changes are observed within agriculture land where 281.8 ha or 12.6% of suitable land is left fallow. The data show that the surface occupied by buildings outside the yellow line is 13.9 ha. The products of this study are the land suitability map, the use and land-use changes maps in the period 1998-2011. The results of this study suggest urgent measures for a sustainable management of the land and protection from further urbanization.

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Shpetim Tafaj
Ylli Piro
Fatbardh Sallaku


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