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Library A perspective on the next-generation forest register in the era of GIS

A perspective on the next-generation forest register in the era of GIS

A perspective on the next-generation forest register in the era of GIS

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March 2013
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This paper points out some defects of the current forest register and proposes a concept of next-generation forest register from the view point of GIS application to forest management. Since the fundamental purpose of the GIS is to conduct spatial analysis of multiple thematic maps, one of the basic requirements for the next-generation forest register is the management of forest information on a thematic map basis by using the spatial analysis function of the forest GIS. The main proposals are as follows. The forest register information should be divided into multiple pieces according to thematic maps and their attribute information should be managed separately. The administrative data is an accumulation of thematic maps created every year. Data on forest management should be shared with forestry cooperatives and updated by forestry cooperatives electronically. The issue of personal information can be resolved by dividing the forest register information and managing it separately. Detailed historical information of stands is not necessarily contained in the database; rather, utilizing hyperlinks to the Forest Karte (record). The minimum information of forest GIS may be the thematic map of the forest physiognomy. A forestry experiment station-type forest GIS which is equipped with advanced spatial analysis functions is needed, and analysis and research results obtained from the full use of these functions are provided to the forest GIS used by administrative offices and forestry cooperatives.

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Tanaka, K., Kyoto Prefectural University, Kyoto (Japan). Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences

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