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December 2017
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The agricultural lands have a special legal regime and are subject to the protection aimed at limiting the seizure of these lands, preserving and increasing their fertility. The area of lands of this category in the structure of land Fund accounts for 100.8 million hа, or 38.6% of used land. Their share in the land Fund of the regions ranges from 70-75% (North-Kazakhstan, Akmola region) to 10-20% (Kyzylorda, Atyrau region). It is mainly related to different climatic conditions and vast areas of desert and semi-desert rangelands. The implementation of the doctrine of food security of Kazakhstan in modern conditions requires an increase of the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural production. Of course, without a balanced policy in respect of agricultural land, which would ensure their conservation and sustainable use is impossible. In this task, a special role acquires land supervision. One of the priorities in the process of increase of efficiency of use of agricultural land is the work of local authorities with unclaimed land shares. Land inspectors to this day are working to bring back to life unclaimed land. The diversity of the soil cover of Kazakhstan, due to various climatic and geological conditions determined the development of a wide range of fields of agricultural production. Effective use of soil resources in agriculture requires a fundamental knowledge about the nature of the soil, soil-forming process based on the study of the genesis, geography, soil cover of the country.

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Mursalimova, E., Kazakh National Agrarian Univ., Almaty (Kazakhstan). Dept. of Land Resources and Cadastre
Shaimerdenova, A., Eurasian Technological Univ., Almaty (Kazakhstan)
Nurymbay, A., Kazakh National Agrarian Univ., Almaty (Kazakhstan). Faculty of Forest, Land Resources and Phytosanitary


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