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December 2017
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Lease of farm lands is the most important process of proprietorial changes in the state’s agriculture sector. As an effect of turbulent socio-economic conditions and legal solutions resulting from country’s agricultural politics, its share in land’s management has significantly shrunk. Currently there is around 1.1 million ha of land in lease, which makes up for 23% of the land acquired by the Agricultural Property Agency of the State Treasury. After 23 years of 3.2 million ha of lands acquired by the Resource (68.5%) has already been managed permanently and 2.5 million ha (53%) have been sold. Lease allows fast temporary management of the farm lands acquired by the State’s Treasury, and a buying- out, mostly by the hitherto leaseholders, afterwards. The range and the structure of area of sales agreement of farm lands indicates that it was acquired by a relatively small group of buyers. Such a structure of permanent management of the State’s Treasury’s farm lands might bring some hesitations and questions on rationality of the proprietorial changes from the social interest view and ethics.

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Mioduszewski, J., University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (Poland)


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