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December 2007
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Rice-prawn gher (RPG) farming system is an indigenous agricultural technology solely developed by farmers since mid 1980s. The present study aims to estimate the land productivity of modern varieties (MV) paddy production under RPG and (year-round modern varieties) YRMV paddy farming systems in the southwest Bangladesh. The RPG farming system has significant impacts on inputs used in MVboro paddy production. The findings of the study indicate that more chemical fertilizers were used in per ha MV boro paddy production under YRMV paddy farming in comparison with RPG farming. Similarly, per ha cost of irrigation, pesticides and land preparation were also higher in MV boro paddy production under YRMV paddy farming system compared to RPG farming system. The inputs usage for MV boro paddy production under two farming systems showed statistically significant difference with each others. Although fewer inputs were being used in MV boro paddy production under RPG farming system, yield was higher (statistically significant) than YRP MV paddy farming system. Therefore, it could be concluded that land productivity of MV paddy production under RPG farming system was significantly higher than YRMV paddy farming system. The TFP of MV boro paddy production was higher in RPG farming system compared to YRMV paddy farming system. Moreover, the TFP varied widely within the farms between the two farming systems.

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Barmon, Basanta Kumar Kondo, Takumi Osanami, Fumio
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