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August 2018
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A field team delimiting family land parcels the Community Land Value Chain approach (CaVaTeCo in Portuguese) comprises 2 or 3 people, working with community members. The team must be able to implement key tasks, such as:

• Management: Maintain communications amongst the team, owner of the land, and community witnesses (such as owners of neighboring parcels, and local leaders), ensuring all agree on the boundaries;

• Interviews: Use tablets with electronic questionnaires to capture required information about the owner, the parcel, and witnesses;

• Interpret maps and satellite images: Interpret 1:2,000 scale satellite images, using them to orient field work. Teams should be able to identify natural features such as rivers, forests and mountains, and human-made features like roads, fields, planted trees, and buildings;

• Sketch the boundaries: Walk all boundaries of the parcels, and draw their interpretation of the boundaries onto paper copies of satellite images while also digitally recording GPS coordinates along the way.

By observing teams in the field, combined with analysis of their sketch maps and GPS coordinates, we have identified several frequent mistakes. This guide illustrates frequent problems and mistakes using real examples, and suggests good practices for avoiding or correcting them, and for improving team skills.

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