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Library A Delicate Balance

A Delicate Balance

A Delicate Balance
Land Use, Minority Rights and Social Stability in the Horn of Africa

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February 2014
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Excluding the introductory and concluding chapters, this book has 11 chapters presented in three sections. The first section dwells primarily on conceptual issues, which comprehensively unravels large-scale agricultural investments and their impacts at the theoretical level. Papers included in the following sections examine, based on extensive fieldwork case studies from Ethiopia (Section II) and case studies from the rest of the Horn of Africa (Section III), the various socio-political and conflict implications of large scale agricultural investments in pastoral settings of the Horn of Africa. Most of the articles are based on case studies from Ethiopia. Although this happened unintentionally we included them with the assumption that their findings could be applied, with qualifications, to other Horn of Africa countries.

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