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January 2008
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This bi-annual addition of id21 Natural Resources Highlights looks specifically at rural livelihoods. It contains the following three articles:

New thinking needed to tackle the rural employment crisis

A further 106 million people will have joined the rural labour force in the developing world by 2015. This article asks whether enough jobs can be created in rural areas to meet this demand, or whether further urban migration is the only answer.

How can small-scale producers compete globally?

Rapid globalisation of agricultural trade is forcing small producers to compete with large enterprises that have better access to business services and a greater ability to meet international quality standards. This article argues that collective action in producer organisations is an important strategy for small-scale producers who want to access, compete in and increase their bargaining power in the market.

People’s access to common resources under threat

Common resources and property, such as access to shared land, are important to many rural livelihoods. This article highlights how people’s access to common resources is under threat from outside interests and insecure legal rights.

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