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Gender, agriculture and rural development in Armenia

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December 2017
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Gender equality is key to eliminating poverty and hunger, and this has been demonstrated by FAO throughout its research across the world. FAO is committed to interventions that seek to reduce gender inequalities and this report has been produced as part of its eff orts to generate evidence and knowledge in compliance with FAO’s Policy on Gender Equality (FAO, 2013a). It is only through closing the gender gap that strategies on sustainable agriculture and rural development can reach their full potential. This Gender Assessment has already served as a resource for the Country Programming Framework, which was prepared by FAO and the Government of the Republic of Armenia, and was in the process of being approved when this report was being finalized. The report also aims to inform FAO professionals, other UN agencies, staff from the Government of the Republic of Armenia, NGOs and professionals who work in agriculture and rural development in the Republic of Armenia. Additionally, it is an awareness-raising tool for the wider public. The report highlights the major gender inequalities found within the available data that need to be considered by policy-makers and project managers, and identifies the need for further research in a wide range of areas, including fishery, forestry, local farmers’ cooperation and women’s real contribution to GDP, particularly considering their overwhelming involvement as contributing family workers.

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