Improving land sector governance in Vietnam (draft report): Implementation of Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF) | Land Portal

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December 2013
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This document represents the country report for Vietnam’s national LGAF Study. This Study was undertaken by team of national experts, with support from the World Bank, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) in 2013. The Study’s objective was to provide the means for better understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the Vietnamese land sector; establish a consensus on the status of land governance in the country and identify priority actions for regulatory and institutional changes and the piloting of new approaches to improve land governance on a broader scale. It also aimed to specify opportunities for South-South learning to take advantage of experiences from other countries in dealing with land sector issues; and put in place a benchmark and process to systematically track progress in improving land governance over time.

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Dang Hung Vo, Nguyen Van Thang


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