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Library Agricultural Small Tenancies Act (Cap. 58:70.

Agricultural Small Tenancies Act (Cap. 58:70.

Agricultural Small Tenancies Act (Cap. 58:70.
An Act relating to agricultural small tenancies and for purposes connected therewith.

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An Act to regulate contracts of tenancy of small agricultural holdings. "Small holding" means any area of land under cultivation or pasture or intended for cultivation or pasturage, with or without buildings thereon, comprising not less that half an acre or more than ten acres in one or more parcels of land of a landlord (sect. 2). No person shall let any small holding unless a contract of tenancy has been entered into between the parties thereto. The contract shall be in writing in the form as prescribed in the First Schedule. Variations may be made only to such extent so as not to impair the tenant's covenants as set out in paragraph 3 and subparagraphs [iii] and [iv] of the First Schedule. The consideration for a contract of tenancy may be or include a part of the crop derived from the land under contract (sect. 4). The landlord shall give a copy of the contract to the tenant and shall keep a file of contracts which may be inspected by public officers (sect. 5). The contract of tenancy may be terminated by the landlord: (a) without notice where the tenant is convicted of specified offences; (b) by three months notice where the tenancy exceeds one year or by one month where the tenancy is for one year or less if : (i) the tenant commits a breach of contract which cannot be remedied; (ii) upon certificate of the Agricultural Superintendent that the tenant is not cultivating the holding according to rules of good husbandry; (iii) arrears in paying the rent exist and are not paid within a specified time of notice (sect. 11). Part II provides for the compensation by the landlord of improvements made by the tenant on the small holding. Boundaries of properties shall be properly marked by the landlord (sect. 30). The right to fell or plant trees may be reserved to the landlord by contract. (35 sections and 5 schedules)

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