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Library Land Law No. 7501.

Land Law No. 7501.

Land Law No. 7501.

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The State grants land to natural or legal persons who then enjoy the right of ownership and all other accompanying rights envisaged by this Law. The sale and purchase of land is prohibited. Agricultural land is given in ownership or for use to local legal or natural persons without remuneration. Article 4 concerns land tenure by foreigners. Article 5 provides for succession of land rights by members of agricultural cooperatives. A government land commission within the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as land commissions in the executive committees, and people's council of districts and of villages, are set up for the distribution of land as ownership. The rights and duties of these commissions are defined by the Council of Ministers. Size or boundaries of the land given for use or as ownership to legal or natural persons and prior collectivisation ownership are not recognized. The state organ specialized in land information is the land survey office at the executive committee of the disctrict people's council (art. 9). Articles 11 to 15 include provisions for use of agricultural land. Article 19 contains certain rules regarding to expropriation. The remaining provisions deal with illegal occupation of land and other regulations by the Council of Ministers.

Implemented by: Regulation No. 231 on refusal of ownership or possession of land and concerning requests to return land. (1993-05-19)
Amended by: Law No. 8752 on the creation and operation of land protection and administration structures. (2001-03-26)
Amended by: Law No. 7855 concerning some additions to Law No. 7501 on the land. (1994-07-29)
Amended by: Law No. 7715 amending Land Law No. 7501 establishing land leasing. (1993-06-02)
Amended by: Law No. 9244 on agricultural land protection. (2004-06-17)

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