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Library Land (Survey and Measurement) Act, 1963.

Land (Survey and Measurement) Act, 1963.

Land (Survey and Measurement) Act, 1963.

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"Land" in this Act means all categories of land, including tanks, ponds, and forest land (sect. 2). The Government may issue orders for purposes of land measurement by the authority prescribed by rules made under the present Act (sect. 3). Sections 4 and 5 make provision for the measurement of land and the demarcation of boundaries of specified lands. Section 6 make provision for land survey operations. After survey, measurement, and registration the prescribed authority shall issue a certificate of registration under section 8. Section 10 provides for the classification of land according to its characteristics. Section 11 provides for the preparation of maps and records of land surveyed. Section 12 prescribes offence and penalties, whereas section 13 allows appeal against decisions of the prescribed officer with zonal courts. (13 sections)

Implemented by: Land (Survey and Measurement) Rules, 1975. (1979-11-21)
Amended by: Land (Survey and Measurement)(Seventh Amendment) Act, 1992. (1992-12-30)
Amended by: Land (Survey and Measurement)(Sixth Amendment) Act, 1989. (1989-11-30)

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