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This Act has 43 sections, and is divided as follows: Interpretation (sects. 1-3); Dedication and Purpose of Provincial Parks (sects. 4 and 5); Designation and Management of Provincial Parks (sects. 6-11); Park Lands Administration (sects. 12-22); Enforcement (sects. 23-26); General Provisions (sects. 27-35); and Consequential, Repeal and coming into Force (sects. 36-43).The purpose of a provincial park is: (a) to conserve ecosystems and maintain biodiversity; (b) to preserve unique and representative natural, cultural and heritage resources; (c) to provide outdoor recreational and educational opportunities and experiences in a natural setting. Section 7(2) provides for the classification of provincial parks thereby having different purposes, such as a wilderness park, a natural park, a recreation park, a heritage park, and any other type of provincial park. These are further divided up into land-use categories (sect. 7(3)). Section 11 requires the minister to develop a management plan for each provincial park which deals with resource protection, use, development and any other matter the minister considers appropriate. This Act also deals with Acquisition, Disposition and Occupation of Land. The Minister may grant leases and permits for the occupation of Crown lands in provincial parks (sect. 16(1)). Park Districts Service Fees are dealt with under section 18. Section 22 provides for a Certificate of Debt and Lien, in respect of any person who is liable to pay and has not paid a fee or levy imposed in respect of private land under this Act or under The Provincial Park Lands Act, R.S.M. 1987, c. P20. The general provisions contain: the Power to close parks and roads; 28 Action for damage to property; 29 Advisory Committees; 31 Offences; 32 L.G. in C. regulations; 33 ministerial regulations; and 34 Application of regulations.

Implemented by: Permits and Leases Regulation (Man. Reg.150/96). (2002)
Implemented by: Park Activities Regulation (Man. Reg. 141/96). (2014)
Implemented by: Park Districts Designation Regulation (Man. Reg.92/97). (1997-04-21)
Implemented by: Park Fees Regulation (Man. Reg. 148/96). (2016)
Implemented by: Subdivision of Land Regulation (Man. Reg. 142/96). (1998)
Implemented by: Provincial Parks Designation Regulation (Man. Reg. 37/97). (2015)
Implemented by: Park Reserves Designation Regulation (Man. Reg. 66/99). (2015)
Implemented by: Upper Fort Garry Heritage Provincial Park Act (S.M. 2010. C. 25). (2010-06-17)
Implemented by: Use of Vehicles in Spruce Woods Provincial Park Regulation (Man. Reg. 143/96). (2013)

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