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Library Agricultural Lands Act (Cap. 187).

Agricultural Lands Act (Cap. 187).

Agricultural Lands Act (Cap. 187).

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This Act establishes the Agricultural Lands Board under section 4. The functions of the Board, in addition to the powers and duties specifically assigned to it under this Act, shall be: (a) to keep under review the use that is being made by the President of State Land outside urban and peri-urban areas and to make such recommendations to the Minister thereon as it may deem fit;(b) to carry out such other duties in relation to the alienation of State Land; (c) to keep under review the general operation of this Act (sect. 8). The Minister may, by statutory notice, declare any State Land and, with the consent of the registered owner thereof, any freehold land to be subject to the provisions of this Part and may at any time, by like notice, declare that any such land that has not been alienated under the provisions of this Part shall cease to be subject thereto. Declared land may be alienated by the President pursuant and in accordance with section 12. Whenever any land is suitable for alienation, schemes and allotment plans shall be prepared. A lessee shall have the right to cut down and use such indigenous trees on his holding as he may from time to time require for his own farming and domestic purposes, but he shall not be entitled, except with the prior written approval of the President, to sell or remove any timber from the holding. The Minister may, after consultation with the Board, make schemes for the settlement of tenant farmers on the land (sect. 38).

Implemented by: Agricultural Holdings (Rent) Rules (Chapter 187). (2006)

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