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Library State Land Encroachments Ordinance.

State Land Encroachments Ordinance.

State Land Encroachments Ordinance.
An Ordinance to make provision for the prevention of encroachments upon State lands.

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The Ordinance provides for all forest and unoccupied or not cultivated lands, even lands where cinnamon is sown, to be property of the State and their arbitrary occupation unlawful. Perpetrators shall be summoned and only in the case they can demonstrate to have rights of ownership on those lands, they shall be granted their possession. If they do not lawfully own the lands, whatever item is found in that land shall be removed or destroyed and the property returned to the State and all the expenses the State incurred in shall be charged to the offenders together with the relative fines.Chapter IV establishes conditions and principles governing the alienation by permit or grant and the criteria for the calculation of the annual payment. Further provisions concern among other matters: protection of land held on permits or grants (chap. V); succession (chap. VII); cancellation of grants and permits (chap. VIII); procedure in ejectment (chap. IX); recovery of annual payments and moneys due to the State (chap. X).

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