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Library Lands, Surveys and Environment Act 1989.

Lands, Surveys and Environment Act 1989.

Lands, Surveys and Environment Act 1989.

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This Act provides for land administration and other matters relating to land, the protection of the environment and several matters relating to the conservation of wildlife and fisheries resources.The Act consists of General Administration (I); Surveys (II); Purchase and Development of Land (III); Classification and Alienation of Government Land (IV); Leases (V); Renewal of Renewable Leases and Reassessments (VI); Remissions, Revaluations, Forfeitures (VII); Conservation and Environment (VIII); Miscellaneous (IX). Part VIII is divided into 7 Divisions: Environment and Conservation (1); Powers of Minister (2); Conservation officers (3); Management plans (4); Coastal zones (5); Pollution of seas and inland waters (6);Financial provision (7).The Minister of Lands, Surveys and Environment established here shall be responsible for the administration of this Act. The Minister may delegate authority to the Director of Lands, Surveys and Environment appointed under section 5 of this Act. The Land Board and the Department of Lands, Surveys and Environment shall be continued. It shall be the duty of the Board to carry out the provisions of this Act for the administration, management, development, alienation, settlement, protection, and care of Government land (sect. 7). It may establish land committees under section 8. Powers and duties of Director are outlined in section 13. All surveys of Government land and of customary land shall be conducted under the direction of the Director (sect. 16). The Board, on behalf of the Government may, with the approval of the Minister, purchase any freehold land, or the interest of any lessee in any Government land for the purposes of settlement as farming, urban, commercial, or industrial land under this Act, or for any Government purpose (sect. 23). Section 28 concerns classification of Government land for purposes of alienation. Government land may be disposed of under this Act by way of lease for a term not exceeding 20 years (sect. 37). The Board may issue leases and other instruments over or in respect of Government land (sect. 49). Contracts eases of farmland shall contain a clause of the preservation of timber on the land (sect. 64).There shall be appointed under section 93 a Principal Environmental Officer who shall be responsible to the Director for the proper administration of Part VIII of this Act. Section 95 sets out the principal functions of the Department under this Part. A Environment Board is established under section 97. The Director may appoint Conservation Officers under section 106. The Director shall from time to time prepare one or more draft management plans for the protection, conservation, management, and control of: (a) national parks; (b) reserves; (c) Western Samoa waters and water resources; (d) coastal zones; (e) indigenous forests; (f) soil erosion; (g) pollution; (h) waste and litter disposal.

Implemented by: Plastic Bag Prohibition on Importation Regulations 2006. (2006-05-24)
Implemented by: Ozone Layer Protection Regulations 2006. (2006-03-07)
Implemented by: Marine Wildlife Protection Regulations (S.R. 2009/18) (2009-07-14)
Amended by: Lands, Surveys and Environment Amendment Act 1997 (No. 9 of 1997). (1997-04-23)
Amended by: Lands, Surveys and Environment Amendment Act 2015 (No. 45 of 2015). (2015-11-05)
Amended by: Lands, Surveys and Environment Amendment Act 2016 (No. 3 of 2016). (2016-02-09)
Amended by: Planning and Urban Management Act 2004. (2007)
Amended by: Water Resources Management Act 2008. (2008-11-05)

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