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Library Land Registration Act.

Land Registration Act.

Land Registration Act.
An Act to establish a Land Registry to regulate the registration of title to land, and to make provision for matters incidental thereto or connected therewith.

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The Act provides for the establishment in Malta of the Land Registry for the purposes of registration of title to land. The Act consists of sixty sections divided into the following ten Parts: (I) Preliminary; (II) Administrative provisions; (III) Registration of land; (IV) Dealings with registered land; (V) Cautions; (VA) Cautionary charges; (VI) Land and charge certificates; (VII) General provisions concerning registration; (VIII) Rectification of Register and indemnity; (IX) Miscellaneous provisions; (X) Rules and fees orders. As regards registration of land, the Act deals with, on the one hand, compulsory registration (sects. 10-16) and, on the other hand, voluntary registration (sect. 17).

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