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June 1995
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All water resources (water objects) on the territory of Ukraine are the national property of the people of the Ukraine, one of the natural bases of its economic development and social well-being. Water Code, together with organizational, legal, economic and educational order, favouring the formation of water and ecological law and order and ensuring environmental safety of the population of the Ukraine, as well as more efficient, scientifically substantiated water management and its protection against pollution, littering and exhaustion. Water stock comprises: 1) surface water – natural water bodies (lakes), water flows (rivers, streams), separate water bodies (water reservoirs, ponds) and channels, and other water bodies; 2) groundwater and springs; 3) internal sea and territorial sea. State water monitoring shall be carried out for the purpose of data collection, processing and analysis of information regarding the state of water, prognostication of its change and elaboration of scientifically substantiated recommendations for decision-making in the sphere of water use and water protection. Water charges for special water use shall be collected for the purpose of stimulation of the rational water use and reproduction of water resources and shall include the charges for the use of water bodies discharge of pollutants. The Law consists of 6 Sections that contain 112 articles. Section 1 (arts. 1-11) lays down general provisions. Section 2 (arts. 12-41) regards state management and control in the sphere of use of water resources and their protection, as well as creation of water resources. Section 3 (arts. 42-84) regards water uses. Section 4 (arts. 85-108) regards water protection. Section 5 (arts. 109-111) regards dispute settlement in the sphere of water use and water protection, as well as creation of water resources and establishes liability for the infringement of water legislation. Section 6 (art. 112) international cooperation.Law No. 5456-VI of 2012 states that all waterbodies on the territory of Ukraine hall be national assets, establishes the competence of the central executive authority in the sphere of water management and water protection, water monitoring and implementation of the policy in the sphere of freshwater resources management. It also delimits plenary powers between central executive body of public administration and local government in the sphere of freshwater resources management, introduces state accounting of water uses and effluent waste water discharge through systematic data collection, reporting, and mandatory registration of water consumption. The Law authorizes hydrotechnical and hydrogeological works with a view of waterworks construction and improvement of navigation. Law No. 365-VII of 2013 establishes that land management projects related to allotment of land plots pertaining to water fund shall be subject to validation by the central executive body in the sphere of water management. Law No. 1193-VII of 2014 establishes the modalities of issuance of authorization for special water management, in particular dredging, and sets forth the procedure for validation of standards for maximum allowable discharge of pollutants to waterbodies and the list of pollutants authorized for dumping in waterbodies. Law No. 1472-VII of 2016 regards issuance of permits for special water management in the exclusion zone of the territory that was exposed to radioactive contamination as a result of the Chernobyl disaster. Law No. 1641-VIII of 2016 introduces basin principle of water management and hydrographic and water management zoning of inland waters, establishes environmental standards for surface water and groundwater and state registration of water stocks. Law No. 1830-VIII of 2017 regulates the issues of water abstraction, application of water charges and regulation between consumer and suppliers of water by contracts. It also sets forth mandatory principle for special water management subject to issuance of authorization. Law No. 2059-VIII of 2017 introduces liability for violation of legislative requirements related to environmental impact assessment on water, including submission of a deliberately fraudulent report on the environmental impact assessment on water.

Implemented by: Order No. 33 of the State Committee of Housing and Communal Services validating branch technological standards for the utilization of potable water by water supply and sewerage enterprises. (2004-02-17)
Amended by: Law No. 2740-VI amending some legislative acts. (2010-12-02)

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