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Library Law No.155-IG of 1996 on land reform.

Law No.155-IG of 1996 on land reform.

Law No.155-IG of 1996 on land reform.

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The present Law determines legal basis and regulations for carrying out land reform. The document consists of VII Secs. that contain 26 Arts. Section I (arts. 1-5) lays down general provisions. Section II (Arts. 6-8) classifies the forms of land property. Section III (Arts. 9-10) establishes the basis for the privatization of land in legal possession of citizens. Section IV (Arts. 11-16) regards privatization of land pertaining to state collective farms (sovkhozes) and collective farms (kolkhozes). Section V (Arts. 17-19) regards regulation of the rights of land-owners. Section VI (Arts. 20-23) regards the purpose of reforms. Section VII (Arts. 24-26) lays down transitional and final provisions.

Implemented by: Ministerial Decree No.63 of 1997 regarding validation of the Regulation on the modalities of use of the plots of land on which privatized state enterprises and objects are situated. (1997-06-17)

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