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Library Cadastral Act.

Cadastral Act.

Cadastral Act.

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This Act provides for the efficient management of land and the protection of ownership by registering the information concerning land in a cadastral record and managing it after conducting its survey and measurement, and by prescribing the matters related to the furnishing of registered information. The Act consists of 54 articles divided into 7 Chapters: General provisions (I); Cadastral record (II); Application for land alteration and cadastral adjustment (III); Cadastral survey (IV); Registration, etc. of cadastral survey business (IV-2); Korea cadastral survey corporation (IV-3); Cadastral information centre (V); Supplementary provisions (VI); Penal provisions (VII). The State shall register all lands in the cadastral record, after examining and survey by parcel their location, parcel number, land category, area, boundary or coordinates, etc. Classification of land categories is listed in article 5. The Central Cadastral Committee shall be established by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs in order to deliberate and resolve on matters listed in article 44. Landowners or interested parties may request the regional cadastral committee to deliberate on an examination of whether a cadastral survey is proper, through the competent Mayor/Do governor (art. 45). A person who is engaged in an investigation of land alteration or a cadastral survey may gain access to other's land, etc. or use other's land, etc. temporarily, and where deemed necessary, alter or remove the bamboo, timber and other obstacles (art. 47). Where it is necessary for setting the mark of cadastral control point, a land may be expropriated (art. 48).

Implemented by: Enforcement Decree of the Cadastral Act. (2004-03-17)

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