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The purpose of the present Act is to ensure the respect of natural resources. This term “natural resources” means the renewable resources of Saskatchewan and includes: i) fish; ii) wildlife; iii) wild species; iv) forest products; v) resource lands and provincial forest lands; vi) ecological reserves; vii) other living components of ecosystems within resource lands, provincial forest lands and other lands managed by the department. The Minister may: a) undertake, support or sponsor planning, research and investigations respecting parks and natural resources; b) design and carry out programs respecting the management and development of parks and natural resources; c) design and carry out programs designed to educate, provide interpretation and inform the public respecting things done in relation to parks and natural resources; d) plan, develop, construct, acquire, operate and maintain any park, recreation site, fish hatchery, public hunting or fishing area, research laboratory, forest nursery or any other facility related to parks and natural resources; e) purchase. The Act consists of 9 sections.

Implemented by: Commercial Fishing Production Incentive Regulations (R.R.S. c. R-19.01 Reg. 1). (1985)
Implemented by: Crown Resource Land Regulations (R.R.S. c. P-31 Reg. 17). (2010)
Implemented by: Crown Resource Land Regulations, 2017 (R.R.S. c. P-31.1 Reg. 2). (2017)

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