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The present Act lays down provisions relating to land survey. The Act contains at the outset a definition clause relating to various terms employed therein, such as “ascertainable point”, “broken concession”, “broken lot”, “irregular lot”, “regular lot”, “land”, “lost corner”, “last as side line”, “proofline”. Article 2 establishes that no survey of land for the purpose of defining, locating or describing any line, boundary or corner of a parcel of land is valid unless made by a surveyor or under the personal supervision of a surveyor. Moreover, every surveyor shall make and preserve exact and regular field notes of all his surveys and shall keep a proper record and index of all such notes. The Act consists of 62 articles divided into 11 Parts as follows: General (I); Front and rear townships (II); Single front townships (III); Double front townships (IV); Sectional townships with double fronts (V); Sectional townships with single fronts (VI); Sectional townships with sections and quarter sections (VII); Municipal and crown resurvey (VIII); Plans of subdivision (IX); Surveys of land under the public transportation and highway improvement act (X); Miscellaneous (XI).

Implemented by: Ontario Co-ordinate System (R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 1028). (1990-12-31)
Implemented by: Ontario Regulation (O. Reg. 217/10). (2010-06-02)

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