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Library Fencing Act (Chapter 33:03).

Fencing Act (Chapter 33:03).

Fencing Act (Chapter 33:03).
An Act to make further and better provision for the construction of fences dividing farms, for the apportionment of the cost thereof and for matters incidental thereto.

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This Act regulates the construction and maintenance of fences dividing adjoining farms, i.e. pieces of land registered as a farm in the Deeds Registry. The owners of adjoining farms not divided by a sufficient fence or by some other feature which is capable of preventing the trespass of animals that should be impounded, shall be liable to contribute in equal proportions to the construction between those farms of a dividing fence. Any owner of a farm desiring that the owner of an adjoining farm joins in or contributes to the construction of a dividing fence may serve on that owner written notice to do so in the prescribed form. A procedure is prescribed if no agreement can be reached on fencing between owners of adjoining farms or in case of absent owners. The Act provides rules for the construction of fences and allows for the clearing of bushes for this purpose.

Implemented by: Fencing Regulations (Chapter 33:03). (2013-12-31)
Implemented by: Fencing (Application of Act) Order (Chapter 33:03). (2008-12-31)

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