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Library Land Use Planning Code.

Land Use Planning Code.

Land Use Planning Code.

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This Code grants every citizen the right to a favourable environment ensured by sound land use planning through: (a) state regulation of land use planning activities; (b) planning of urban land; (c) compensation for damages resulting from violation of land use planning legislation; and (d) liability. Land use planning activities shall be specially regulated for the following types of land: (a) land affected by natural or technological disasters; (b) land contaminated by chemical or biological agents, harmful microorganisms or excessive concentrations of radioactive substances; and (c) protected areas. Contaminated land shall be subject to mandatory special treatment. On territories and urban land pertaining to protected areas, hazardous economic or other activities shall be prohibited. Urban land shall be the competence of local self-government bodies, which shall manage the land in accordance with general land use plans. Damages caused to legal or natural persons by the infringement of land use planning legislation as a result of land expropriation shall be subject to compensation.

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