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Library Law No. 555 “On soil protection”.

Law No. 555 “On soil protection”.

Law No. 555 “On soil protection”.

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This Law establishes basic principles of state policy, legal grounds for acting of state bodies, natural and legal persons, with a view of rational and careful soil management, soil conservation, improvement of soil fertility and soil protection against negative impact. The Act consists of 5 Sections divided into 21 articles: (1) general provisions; (2) state regulation in the sphere of soil protection; (3) soil protection requirements; (4) state control in the sphere of soil protection; and (5) conclusive provisions. Basic principles of state policy in the sphere of soil protection shall be: (a) rational soil management and soil conservation; (b) application of soil protection technologies and prevention of soil degradation; (c) rehabilitation of degraded soil; (d) access to information related to the state of soil; and (e) liability for soil deterioration. State monitoring of soil shall be carried out regularly by the authorized state bodies.

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