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Library Lands (Title Vesting, etc.) Act.

Lands (Title Vesting, etc.) Act.

Lands (Title Vesting, etc.) Act.

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December 1992
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This Act declares all the lands within 100 metres limit of the 1967 shoreline of Nigeria and any other land reclaimed from any lagoon, sea or ocean in or bordering Nigeria or of oceans bordering the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to the exclusion of any right accruing to any body corporate or unincorporate or industry, to vest in the Federal Government of Nigeria. All such lands shall be controlled and managed for and on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria by the Federal Ministry charged with responsibility for lands and land matters or any other authority designated by that Ministry for the purposes of this Act. The Act also provides for the regularization by the Federal Government of leases granted by any State or local government, individual or any body corporate or unincorporate or any agency of the State or local government, in respect of any such land.

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Rudolph Hupperts (CONSLEGB)

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