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Library National Museums and Heritage Act (Cap. 216).

National Museums and Heritage Act (Cap. 216).

National Museums and Heritage Act (Cap. 216).

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This Act establishes the National Museums of Kenya as a body corporate and provides for the protection of national natural and cultural heritage (as defined). The National Museums of Kenya shall, among other things, identify, protect, conserve and transmit the cultural and natural heritage of Kenya. The Minister may declare an open space to be a protected area within the meaning of this Act. The Act also makes provision with respect to, among other things: entry onto land under exploration licence; control of access, etc., to a protected area; compensation to owner of land in a protected area; agreements for protection or preservation of monuments; and compulsory purchase of monuments. The Minister may, in respect of a protected area, by notice in the Gazette, prohibit or restrict the use thereof for agriculture or livestock.

Implemented by: National Museums and Heritage (Exploration Licences and Export Permits) Rules, 2009 (L.N. No. 110 of 2009). (2009-05-04)
Implemented by: National Museums (Open Spaces and Areas of National Heritage) (Protection and Management) Rules, 2009 (L.N. No. 35 of 2009). (2009-02-23)

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