General Agricultural Laws (Florida Statutes: Title XXXV Agriculture, Horticulture, and Animal Industry; Chapter 604; ss. 604.001-604.60) | Land Portal

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January 1941
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This Chapter of the Florida Statutes contains multiple sets of general agricultural laws of Florida. The Chapter states that it is the public policy of this state and the purpose of this act to achieve and maintain the production of agricultural commodities for food and fiber as an essential element for the survival of mankind. First, the Chapter provides that a thorough and careful survey and mapping of the soils of Florida is hereby declared as a matter of legislative policy and lays down rules for a statewide soil survey and mapping; costs of the surveys, standard procedure to be used; cooperation with federal and other agencies; determination of soils to be surveyed; analyses of type materials; reports; maps; and publications. Second, the Chapter also provides for limited agricultural associations whose purpose is to promote, foster and encourage more efficient and progressive agriculture and to enable the farmers and growers of Florida to enjoy the manifold benefits of joint and collective effort without personal liability and without the expense and technical involvements incident to corporate structure. In addition, it provides for the associations’ powers; membership; formation; fees; articles of association; name; bylaws; dissolution; and conversion to a corporation not for profit. Third, the Chapter regulates dealers in agricultural products. Specifically, it provides for the requirement of a license for a dealer; the license application, form, and contents; license fee; requirement of the dealers to keep records, and their contents; and specific requirements for grain dealers. Finally, the text provides for internal rules for the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services of Florida; farm equipment; nonresidential farm buildings, farm fences, and farm signs; and rules for civil action for damage or destruction of agricultural products or agricultural production systems.

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