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Library Environmental Health : Bridging the Gaps

Environmental Health : Bridging the Gaps

Environmental Health : Bridging the Gaps

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June 2013
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This discussion paper: a) proposes a new
approach of targeted collaboration among different sectors;
b) devises new tools or enhances existing ones to facilitate
the contributions of different sectors to help relieve
health problems; and c) puts theory into practice through a
pilot in Ghana. The report is divided into three parts. Part
1 explains the foundations of environmental health and
proposes a new approach that taps health benefits
systematically outside the health sector through
multisectoral collaboration. Part 2 provides basic tools to
identify, prioritize, and propose remedial measures for many
multisectoral health problems, many of which could and do
otherwise fall between the cracks in single sector projects.
Part 3 summarizes the findings and presents background
material from a workshop in Ghana, "Targeted
Collaboration among Line Agencies, Local Communities and the
Ministry of Health," putting into practice the ideas of
Parts 1 and 2. Annex A provides a rapid checklist on
environmental health for practitioners and task managers.
Annex B provides one-page summaries of about twenty major diseases.

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Listorti, James A.
Doumani, Fadi M.

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