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Library Unlocking Africa's Agricultural Potential

Unlocking Africa's Agricultural Potential

Unlocking Africa's Agricultural Potential

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January 2014
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Transforming agriculture in Africa is
not simply about helping Africa; it is essential for
ensuring global food security. But Africa s agriculture is
also of critical importance when it comes to meeting the
world s future needs for food and fiber. With the global
population expected to exceed 9 billion by 2050, food
security producing enough food of sufficient quality and
making it accessible and affordable for consumers around the
world is one of the most important policy objectives .The
United Nations estimates that global food demand will double
by 2050, with much of that growth driven by developing
countries. The world will then need to feed 2.3 billion more
people, and given the deep transformation of growth
trajectories in low-income countries, these populations will
be increasingly affluent and will demand more, different,
and better food. But how will the world meet this additional
demand? Given Africa s productive potential, it must be a
key contributor to feeding the world in the future. But to
fully realize that potential will require overcoming many
obstacles through innovative and transformative approaches.

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