Karen IDPs Report: The Plight of Internally Displaced Karen People in Mu Traw District of Burma | Land Portal

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November 2000
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...The report pin points the dismal conditions for the Karen people throughout
the district, but the desperate situation of specific group in worst hit areas. It
was always the intention to build on the BERG report, Forgotten Victims of a
Hidden War: Internally Displaced Karen in Burma, published in 1998, which
provided the background and general description of the displacement of the
Karen in Kawthoolei. The Mu Traw report has been the first attempt by the
CIDKP to provide more detailed information focussing on a single district. It is
hoped that the report will lead to future publications regarding the situation in
the other Karen districts...

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Saw Klo Wah Moo Saw Ternder Saw La Thwe

The CIDKP was formed in 1998 to raise awareness about the plight of internally displaced Karen/Kayin people and to deliver humanitarian assistance in response to their needs.

The organization has field staff in all townships of Karen/Kayin State, as well as in parts of Tenasserim/Tanintharyi Region, northern Mon State and eastern Bago Region.

Its main programme activities include the delivery of relief assistance to displaced communities who have experienced shocks to their livelihoods.

It also supports a prosthesis workshop for people injured by landmines.

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