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Library Resettlement Handbook

Resettlement Handbook

Resettlement Handbook

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Date of publication
October 2004
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Revised 2007...Resettlement: A Vital Instrument Of International Protection And An
Element Of Comprehensive Solutions...

Comprehensive Approach To Resolving Refugee Situations And Providing
Appropriate Durable Solutions:
2.1 Voluntary Repatriation
2.2 Local Integration
2.3 Resettlement in the Context of other Durable Solutions
Resettlement Processes Flowchart...

Refugee Status and Resettlement:
3.1 General Considerations
3.2 Mandate Refugee Status as a Precondition
3.3 Convention Status and Mandate Status
3.4 Eligibility under the 1951 Convention and Regional Instruments
3.5 Prima Facie Eligibility
3.6 Continued Need for Protection
3.7 Exclusion of Persons Considered to Be Undeserving of international Protection...
UNHCR Criteria for Determining Resettlement as the Appropriate Solution:
4.1 Basic Considerations
4.2 Legal and Physical Protection Needs
4.3 Survivors of Violence and Torture
4.4 Medical Needs
4.5 Women-at-Risk
4.6 Family Reunification
4.7 Children and Adolescents
4.8 Older Refugees
4.9 Refugees without Local Integration Prospects...

Special Issues:
5.1 Stateless Persons
5.2 Returnees
5.3 Irregular, Secondary or Onward Movement
5.4 Stowaways
5.5 Criminal Records
5.6 Ex-combatants...

Basic Procedures To Be Followed In Field Office Resettlement Operations:
6.1 Overview of Basic Resettlement Procedures
6.2 Standards, Accountability and Safeguards in the Resettlement Process
6.3 Case Identification
6.4 Case Assessment and Verification
6.5 Conducting Interviews
6.6 Preparation of a Resettlement Submission
6.7 UNHCR Submission Decision
6.8 State Decisions
6.9 Departure Arrangements and Monitoring...

Group Resettlement: Expanding Resettlement Opportunities And Using
Resettlement Strategically:
7.1 Purpose
7.2 Methodology
7.3 Tailored Approach...

Resettlement Management In Field Offices:
8.1 Resettlement Management
8.2 File Management and Tracking
8.3 Co-ordinating and planning resettlement activities
8.4 Combating fraud in the resettlement process
8.5 Managing resettlement expectations within the refugee population
8.6 Coping with Stress...

Resettlement Statistics And Data:
9.1 Resettlement Statistics...

Partnership And Liaison:
10.1 Partnerships within the context of the Agenda for Protection and Convention Plus
10.2 Interagency Cooperation
10.3 Governments and Resettlement Operations
10.4 Non-Governmental Organizations
10.4 The Media...

Training On Resettlement... Revised Country Chapters:

Burkina Faso;
The Netherlands;
New Zealand;
United States of America.

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