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Metal Mining Agency of Japan

Metal Mining Agency of Japan

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Active in promoting mining in Burma. "The Metal Mining Agency of Japan (MMAJ) is a semigovernmental
organization under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of International
Trade and Industry and the main organization that executes the
Japanese Government's policies related to the mining industry. Since
its establishment in 1963, the Agency has been conducting various
exploration operations for mineral resources both within and outside
Japan, and other worldwide activities, such as technical cooperation in
resources development for developing countries with mineral
resources, technological research and development in the field of
mining, rare metal stockpiling in Japan, mining related environmental
pollution control activities, and international exchange through the
collection and analysis of information concerning mineral resources.
From a long-term viewpoint, the Agency has also been conducting
exploration of deep seafloor mineral resources in the Pacific Ocean.
Through these activities, the Agency has contributed to the stable
supply of nonferrous metal resources, not only for use in Japan, but
also in other countries.

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