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Library Conflict and displacement in Burma/Myanmar

Conflict and displacement in Burma/Myanmar

Conflict and displacement in Burma/Myanmar

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December 2006
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...This chapter has described aspects of forced migration in Burma that
are under-researched, including the phenomenon of serial displacement,
and has proposed a three-part typology. Many internally displaced
persons and others move repeatedly, sometimes for a combination
of reasons; others have been displaced for some time and have found
at least semi-durable solutions to their plight; many are living mixed
with communities who are not—or have not recently been—displaced.
Forced migrants’ needs can be assessed and appropriate interventions
planned only if the full complexity of displacement situations in Burma
is understood. Humanitarian (and political) actors should therefore
respect and respond to the voices and agency of forced migrants
and enrol their participation in all aspects of program planning and
myanmar – the state, community 78 and the environment
implementation. In most cases, forced migrants and communities
threatened by displacement have special protection vulnerabilities
related to the causes of migration (especially armed and state–society
conflict). These concerns link humanitarian needs to explicitly political
issues. Ultimately, substantial and sustained protection from forced
migration, as well as the rehabilitation of displaced populations and
reconstruction of communities, depends on resolutions to the conflicts
that cause displacement in Burma. Unfortunately, efforts at conflict
resolution have thus far met with only limited success.,,

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