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September 2017
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Reshmi Banerjee gives an overview of climate change-related risks for Myanmar...According to the 2016 Climate Risk Index, Myanmar is the second most vulnerable country in the world to the effects of climate change. The intensity and regularity with which cyclones make landfall have increased with every year, with the delta region affected by tropical storms and the dry zone impacted by debilitating droughts. Researchers at the Centre for Climate System Research at Columbia University, in collaboration with the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, have stated that the county could see a rise in temperature by 1.3 and 2.7 degrees by the middle of the century along with increase in precipitation by 2%-12% in 2011-40, 6%-27% by 2041-70. This is evident from the 2010 severe drought, a year which saw temperatures rise up to 47.2 degrees Celsius, a sure sign of global warming hitting the country hard. Dry seasons have become longer with shorter rainy seasons, thus inviting hardships for people in the form of water shortages and flooding respectively...

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Reshmi Banerjee

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