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Library A Land Market Cycle in the Netherlands

A Land Market Cycle in the Netherlands

A Land Market Cycle in the Netherlands

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November 2014
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This paper develops a disequilibrium model of land prices in the Netherlands. It shows that the behaviour of traded quantities and prices of Dutch land have some resemblance with a disequilibrium land market model developed by Søgaard. An error correction model based on Søgaard’s model generates significant results with GDP and the real interest rate as explanatory variables, but regrettably farm income nor government demand for land generate significant results. If the model is correct, bubbles are characteristic for the Dutch land market, and this suggests that there is an opportunity for Dutch government to improve on the timing of buying land for nature policy. land market cycle, land prices, nature policy, Land Economics/Use,

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Jan L. Luijt
Geert B. Woltjer
Roelof A. Jongeneel

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