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Land Area
3,367,000 ha
56,617.4 USD

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Job Opportunity: Program advisor land rights RVO / LAND-at-scale

25 March 2022

The Netherlands Enterprise & Development Agency (RVO) is looking for a program advisor in the team that manages the land governance support program LAND-at-scale. All applications should be submitted before April 1st. See the Dutch vacancy text below: -- Binnen het team Mondiale Vraagstukken…


Opportunity: LANDac coordinator in the field of land governance for development

2 January 2018

LANDac is a partnership between several Dutch organizations and their Southern partners involved in development-related research, policy and practice with respect to land governance. The partners share a concern for the increase in land inequality and land-related conflicts. They are interested in…



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Necessity knows no law? How the climate crisis shapes the State’s power to take or limit ownership.

24 August 2022

Global warming is one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced. The reduction of the emission of greenhouse gas by cutting back consumption, particularly in high-income countries, and the transition from fossil fuels as energy sources to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar…

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LANDac Conference 2018

LANDac’s Annual International Conference 2018 will look at land investments through the lens of mobility. What are the implications of land based investments on the movements of people? And how have displacement and population movements contributed to new and contesting land claims?

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