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Library Participatory Poverty Assessment II (2006)

Participatory Poverty Assessment II (2006)

Participatory Poverty Assessment II (2006)

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December 2007
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This participatory poverty assessment (PPA 2006) comprises one component of ADB’s Technical Assistance to the Lao People’s Democratic Republic for Institutional Strengthening for Poverty Monitoring and Evaluation. The goal of this PPA, as with the first PPA in 2000, is to complement the statistical analyses of poverty in a meaningful way and to record the experiences and concerns of the poor in order to initiate and identify more effective forms of public and private actions to alleviate poverty. To this end, the PPA has involved four main elements: (1) the combining of different forms of knowledge on poverty (cultural, anthropological, institutional, economic etc.,) and understanding the views of poor people so that these may be applied towards the goal of poverty reduction; (2) promoting an institutional process which ensures that the view “from below” is incorporated in an on-going fashion into the formulation and implementation of public policies; (3) recommending specific actions and; (4) consolidating the capacity for participatory research and process management that is needed to sustain all of these.

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