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14 July 2022

Main photo: Malaysia has argued that no one else has a right over Sabah, which is at the centre of a claim by the heirs of the late sultan of Sulu. (Bernama pic)

14 July 2022

Main photo - Officers preparing land certificates to be awarded to residents at Tawaeli Sub-district Office, North Palu, Central Sulawesi, Friday (October 23, 2020). ANTARA PHOTO/Mohamad Hamzah/wsj).

13 July 2022

The Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives, and Poverty Alleviation has issued the "Working Policy on Registration, Use, and Leasing of Government Land, 2022" to systematise the record-keeping of government lands.

8 July 2022
United States of America

Food safety and transfer of modern technology and knowledge to farmers in Georgia were discussed between Agriculture Minister Otar Shamugia and United States officials in Washington, the Ministry announced on Friday. 

7 July 2022
  • Singapore has launched a reforestation campaign after losing huge amounts of mangrove habitats in the past century.

  • It plans to plant 1 million trees within 10 years to improve living conditions for wildlife and people.

  • The scheme began in March 2020 and had led to the planting of 51,819 trees by October 2021.

7 July 2022

According to Mozambique analyst Joseph Hanlon the World Bank admits that its policy failed in Mozambique, leading to high growth but inequality, poverty, corruption. The World Bank cites the need to “rethink” the current model.

7 July 2022

Main photo: The Chinese fence inside Myanmar’s territory in October 2021. / NamKhamnews

China has cut off electricity to a border village in northern Shan State for nearly nine months due to boundary disputes, according to residents. 

5 July 2022
South Africa

Representatives of a group of civil society organisations are calling for the United Nations Development Programme to retract a Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone that could contribute up to 10% of South Africa’s total emissions from all sectors combined — and threaten water security from Limpopo to Zimbabwe.

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