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17 June 2022

Sub-division of ancestral land has all but wiped out farming in Kisii, driving poverty and malnutrition and pushing the population into migration in search of greener pastures.

17 June 2022

June 17th 2022-  Today marks #DesertificationAndDroughtDay and to highlight the occasion, the Land Portal, FAO and the UNCCD have come together to launch two new products; a portfolio and podcast, delving into the important relationship between land tenure and Land Degradation Neutrality.  

Amnesty International
15 June 2022

Tanzanian authorities must immediately halt the violent forced eviction of the Indigenous Maasai community in Loliondo, and launch an urgent investigation into the security crackdown which has left dozens of people injured, many missing and a police officer killed, Amnesty International said today.

13 June 2022
  • Much of the landscape of Indonesia’s East Kalimantan province has been transformed, its formerly vast forests razed for logging, monocrop agriculture and open-cast coal mining.
  • A recently published study analyzes how waves of extractive industries have affected the inhabitants of one village in the province
8 June 2022

Amisse Assane has been a fisherman in Cabo Delgado, northern Mozambique, for 25 years, but the rich waters that used to give him an income are now closed off by the security forces because of the armed insurgency in the region.

“It was once possible to make 10,000 meticais [€146.00] a day, but not any more,” says Assne in Kimuâni, one of the local languages.

Floods in Recife
8 June 2022

The state of Pernambuco and 4 other states in the northeastern region of Brazil have been devastated by heavy rains since the beginning of this week.

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