Transnational Land Deals for Agriculture in the Global South Analytical Report based on the Land Matrix Database | Land Portal

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December 2012
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i-x, 1-50

The Land Matrix project was set up to respond to the lack of widely available, reliable data on large-scale land transactions in the Global South. It collates and evaluates data from a wide range of sources on large transnational transactions in the agricultural sector and other sectors. This report represents the first thorough analysis of the Land Matrix database. The Land Matrix figures confirm that there is a worldwide rush for land, and while the rate of land acquisition in developing countries appears to have lost some of its initial pace, the Land Matrix data does not support the argument that this rush is only a speculation-driven bubble, unlikely to materialize in real projects. A large number of land acquisitions have been followed by project implementation.

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Anseeuw, Ward
Boche, Mathieu
Breu, Thomas
Giger, Markus
Lay, Jann
Messerli, Peter
Nolte, Kerstin

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