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April 2018

Date: 3 avril 2018


Par: Armelle Choplin et Mohamed Fall Ould Bah (dir.)

Le présent ouvrage réunit des articles inédits, majoritairement écrits par des Mauritaniens, et propose une réflexion sur des thèmes cruciaux pour la société mauritanienne contemporaine, à savoir la question foncière et l’accès au sol.

Journal Articles & Books
February 2018

Date: 17 juillet 2018

Source: FarmlandgrabAll News

Présélection prix Turgot 2018

Charlotte Lallement, Editions Universitaires Européennes.

Charlotte Lallement est diplômée d’une maitrise en sciences politiques de l’université de Montréal.

L'avis du Club de présélection du prix Turgot, Christian Chouffier :

Journal Articles & Books
December 2015

We used a functional trait‐based approach to assess the impacts of aridity and shrub encroachment on the functional structure of Mediterranean dryland communities (functional diversity (FD) and community‐weighted mean trait values (CWM)), and to evaluate how these functional attributes ultimately affect multifunctionality (i.e. the provision of several ecosystem functions simultaneously). Shrub encroachment (the increase in the abundance/cover of shrubs) is a major land cover change that is taking place in grasslands worldwide.

IAPRI Zambia Rural Livelihood Survey 2015
Reports & Research
December 2015

The Rural Agricultural Livelihood Survey (RALS) is a new panel survey designed to obtain a comprehensive picture of Zambia’s small- and medium-scale farming sector using the 2010 census sampling frame. An earlier household panel survey for rural Zambia was the Supplemental Surveys (SS) of 2001, 2004 and 2008, which enabled the publication of a large set of important research outputs by IAPRI, Michigan State University and a range of Zambian and international partner organizations.

Reports & Research
December 1990

Discusses the Development of alley cropping and alley farming, uses of trees and shrubs in fallow systems, hedgegrow establishment and management and benefits for crop production and livestock. Examines the economic aspects and social acceptability of alley farming.

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