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The Department of Justice and Correctional Services is the justice ministry of the South African government. The department provides administrative and financial support to the court system and the judiciary (which are constitutionally independent of the executive), oversees the National Prosecuting Authority, provides legal advice and representation to organs of state, facilitates law reform and is responsible for the country's Correctional Services.

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Library Resource
Legislation & Policies
May, 2013
South Africa

To amend the Restitution of Land Rights Act, 1994, so as to amend the cut-off date for lodging a claim for restitution; to further regulate the appointment, tenure of office, remuneration and the terms and conditions of service of judges of the Land Claims Court; to make further provision for the advertisement of claims; to provide that the lodging of fraudulent claim shall be an offence; t provide for additional factors which must be considered by the Court when considering whether to order restoratio; to extend the Ministers powers of delegation; and to provide for matters connected there

Library Resource
Legislation & Policies
November, 1994
South Africa

To provide for the restitution of rights in land to persons or communities dispossessed of such rights after 19 June 1913 as a result of past racially discriminatory laws or practices; to establish a Commission on Restitution of Land
Rights and a Land Claims Court; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

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